About us

We are a brand that specializes in making 100% handmade practical accessories that you can use daily.

Our product line includes: multi-functional phone straps, bag straps and sunglass straps. 

We like to support different communities and women around the world to create something that is more than just a brand selling their products. We support and work with women from the villages of Turkey that have great craftsmanship that is in need of work to support their families. Along with Ukrainian women that has escaped the war and has come to Spain for a fresh start and in need of work. 

Your support to us goes a long way and as your support us we can continue to support our lovely women communities around the world.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to help women around the world by providing them with an opportunity to make an income and support their families. We are currently working closely with four lovely women in Turkey who make each strap by hand and Ukrainian women in Spain whom are restarting their lives after escaping from the war.